Laura & Clay

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


The year of the tomato

Last year we had melons. This year it's tomatoes. We've eaten what we can, shared with neighbors, and made marinara sauce with the rest :-)

A new addition

I know we've been quiet for a few months. We've been busy training this girl. Barkley loves having a new best friend. Sophie already has some fans in the neighborhood. She lights up when she sees kids. We know she will love a baby.

The sweetest melon!

This year we grew cantaloupes for the first time! They have been a refreshing and tasty addition to our garden.

Screen Fatigue

Hello again, It's been awhile since we posted, but we're still here. We've just been overwhelmed by the constant online-ness of life, and stepped away for a breather. I realize we have missed Father's Day already, and suddenly it's the 4th of July. Hope you are all celebrating safely. Laura, Clay, and Barkley!

Whistle While You Work, Part 2

As noted earlier, one of Clay's favorite things to do is start a song, and see if Laura will start singing too. It works every time. Another habit Clay has, is making up original songs about chores, favorite foods, and of course, our pets. One of his standards is called, "The dishes are stacking up." Working from home, we have reason to sing this little ditty way more often. Our dishwasher is getting lots of use these days.

Our growing garden

Our garden is growing! We have one tomato, lots of cucumbers, and beans coming! I'll be making lots of pickles this summer!

Empty Nesters

Our baby cardinals have left the nest! We ended up having 3 baby birds. It was incredibly difficult to try to photograph them, so we just savored our view. Ruby and Fred were the best parents. Miss Ruby will be building a new nest, and she won't return to this one. This blogger was able to capture what we experienced perfectly, so I thought I'd share:  

A new arrival

Our baby cardinal has hatched. Here you can see the daddy feeding his baby. We've named the daddy bird Fred. Mama bird is Ruby, and little baby bird is yet to be named. It's so fun to watch this nest. We have an incredible front row seat from our living room. It's so cool!

Happy Mother's Day

Today is a day that we honor mothers. Making an adoption plan for your little one makes you one of the strongest and bravest mothers. Today, we honor you! Know you are loved.  

I toad you so!

The other night, Laura spotted a huge toad on our back patio. She tried to call Clay over, but he hopped away to a hiding spot before Clay could see him. Well, our toad is back. Clay got to see him up close. He's hanging out and snacking on bugs. We also found his hiding spot. I think he's here to stay for a season. We've named him Mr. Hoppy.

Something to tweet about

A mama cardinal has built her nest in our rose bush. We are so lucky to have a front row seat, as she hatches her eggs. This rose bush, is right by our living room window. We will post more in a few weeks when we see a baby bird or two. We have named this sweet mama bird Ruby!

America's Favorite Game (and Clay's)

Clay has not lost his child-like enthusiasm for baseball cards. Anything baseball is his favorite. He's looking forward to baseball starting again, even if stadiums are empty. 

Welcome Little Sprouts!

We recently planted our spring garden. We have some cucumber, melon, tomatoes, dill, chamomile, echinacea, and beans. The cucumber, melon, and tomatoes are transplanted seedlings, but the beans are sprouting from seed. We are so excited to see them popping up! Now I'm cheering on the dill, chamomile, and echinacea. Stay tuned...

Meet Spike

Spike is a Texas Spiny Lizard. He lives in the bushes by our front door, and occasionally takes day trips or mini vacations to our garage. We greet him cheerily when we come and go, and gladly welcome him when he chooses to go on holiday in the garage. He is our family lizard mascot, and we love him!

Whistle While You Work

One of Clay's favorite things to do is to start a song, and see if Laura will start singing too. It works every time.

Things that make us smile during quarantine!

We're spending lots of time in our garden, and planting new things. Barkley is soaking up the sun. We're able to work from home, and watch the flowers bloom and see birds hopping around. We are counting our blessings.

Hello Little One, We're Ready to Meet You!

January and February were very busy months around here. We did an early Spring cleaning, cleared out rooms and closets, and rearranged the furniture so that our new nursery would be ready. We were fortunate that Clay's sister saved all of her nursery furniture for us. It arrived, and we put it all together. Baby room is ready, and we couldn't be more thrilled!

Our Home

We live in a cozy three-bedroom, 2 bath house in a very good neighborhood. We can always count on our neighbors to watch out for us. This home also features a built-in terrier alert system. Barkley, our dog, will watch and vigilantly wait for you; or alert you when unwelcome squirrels or cats are on the premises. Barkley's favorite thing about our home is the spacious backyard (with a covered pavilion and several shady trees!). It is the perfect place for a dog and a child to play together.

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