Rachel & JP

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


We love to travel! Whether it be a trip to the Louvre in Paris, or to the beaches of Florida, we love it all.
We love going to concerts! Actually, our first date was to a concert over 12 years ago!
Another favorite vacation spot is in Maine where we get to visit JP's extended family.
Our favorite place in the world is this cliff in California where you can watch the hang-gliders jump off the cliffs!
JP and Rachel both love to make their Granny's famous apple pie. It is a favorite family recipe.
This photo was taken at a previous house, but one of Rachel's favorite holidays is Valentine's Day. She loves to host "Heart-shaped" breakfast
Our favorite activity to do when the weather is nice is take a walk around the trails near our neighborhood.
We both love to read, whether it be books for adults or tiny people.
Rachel plays the violin!
JP's favorite hobby is playing the bass. He loves to jam out with his friends to all different kinds of music!
Rachel's most loved "hobby" or volunteer position is as a CASA. She advocates for children in foster care, loves to be there for kids in need.
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